HOURSE in VT, harness racer rescue & retraining

Ready to Adopt

sociable athlete

sparkling personality

trail rambler


Jenn Schwartz,
Apprentice Farrier
working with HOURSE in VT

People Helping Horses

  • Standardbred race horse retraining and adoption:
    Qualified horses to Qualified homes.

  • Clinics, workshops and presentations:
    Humane, responsible horsekeeping taught in a non-competitive environment.

  • Donations and volunteers: our lifeblood.

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We need hay or donations to buy it!
Please help us feed our horses
still seeking permanent homes.

Training over obstacles
Obstacles teach balance and confidence
(Terry helps Reckless Sabra)

Temptation Alley
A small group works through Temptation Alley
(Reckless Sabra helps clinic participants)

Horses Helping People

  • Focus Group Retreats

  • Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Therapeutic Learning  (NOT therapeutic riding!)

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Horse Assisted Services, certified by EAGALA

"In our world, horses either enjoy life in the loving embrace of responsible horsemen or they suffer at the hands of mis-guided ownership. They do not have the luxury to choose their place. We must keep them with love, knowledge and kindness."
               C. Terry Holden

Last updated January 2009

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