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Masters of Body Language

     Horses communicate with grand gestures, subtle eye contact, and every nuance between. Even the least horse-savvy among us are affected by their presence as they touch a deep-seated understanding within us. It is no accident that the mystique of the horse suffuses our history and mythology.

Trio hold hands to solve a problem together
"Head" instructs "Hands" to saddle Reckless Sabra
Communication is the key in every relationship

We Play Other Games...

Humans attempt to corral a horse
Team building challenge with Fable
How do you move a 1000 lb horse without touching her?

Experience the Mystique

     The Learnèd Horse Project   offers the services of ex-racehorses to help families, survivors, business groups, gifted and at risk youth, and others to improve communication, teamwork, and personal life skills. These horses are themselves learning to adapt to life as pleasure horses and the interaction promotes growth on both sides.

     This is not horsemanship or therapeutic riding. No horse experience is necessary. Our Equine Specialist looks after the horses and provides a variety of games and challenges for the clients. In this context, the therapist can process the experience with the client on the spot rather than waiting for the next office session when the "moment" is cold.

     The experience of interacting with a horse can enhance creative problem solving, critical and congruent thinking, responsibility, self-control, self-acceptance, sensory integration and empathy.

Therapists, Counselors, Case workers   §   Educators, Parents, Survivors   §   Human resource directors, Executives

Arrange half or full day intensive sessions or a series of sessions
with Equine Specialist C. Terry Holden, EAGALA certified provider.


"A strange stillness dwells in the eye of the horse; a composure that appears to regard the world from a measured distance... it is a gaze from the depths of a dream."
              Hans-Heinrich Isenbardt

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