HOURSE in VT, harness racer rescue & retraining

The Learnèd Horse Project Comes to You

C. Terry Holden, horse rescuer,
founder of The Learnèd Horse Project
and Functional Horsemanship.

At this time we are offering clinics, workshops, presentations and individual training assistance away from Infinity Farm.  If you would like to host an event or learn more about humane horse keeping and training, please call or email Terry at hourseinvt@gmail.com

"...the four winds are blowing,
some horses are coming..."
              Teton Sioux Song of the Horse Society

Clinics and Workshops (for Horses)

  • The WHOA! Clinic

    One day workshop. Learn how to whoa your horse successfully and consistently in hand, long lines, free work, and mounted. It's all in their minds! ... sneak peek

  • Basic Horsekeeping for your First Horse

    Two day hands on workshop to explore the basics of responsible horsekeeping practices for the first-time horse owner.

  • Introduction to Driving the Light Horse

    Hands on clinic in the joys of harness, hitch, and drive with the light horse, using the excellent driving horses sheltered by H.O.U.R.S.E. in VT.

  • Bomb Proofing for Horses and Horsemen

    Two days of hands on practical training and shaping for a more resilient horse and a more confident horseman.

  • Introduction to the Joy of Bareback Riding

    Day long workshop. Learn to mount, balance, and ride the bareback horse, plus the all-important emergency dismount.

  • How to say goodbye

Equine Assisted Therapy (for People)

  • The Platinum Rule

    How horses can help us become a better person. ...

  • Woman in the Middle

    An un-mounted 2 day retreat for women feeling the "mid-life crunch". Explorations in personal creativity, self care, and the re-enchantment of everyday life. Experiential learning with horses as our guides. No experience with horses is necessary.

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