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Our Favorite Links

Standardbred Lore

  • www.ustrotting.com
    The United States Trotting Association, the breed and racing registry for Standardbred horses.

  • www.harnessmuseum.com
    The archives, hall of fame, and a great catalogue of SB gift. Some very interesting history and information about this great American breed.

  • www.standardbredpleasurehorse.org
    A fabulous site for pleasure Standardbreds with training tips, shows, rides, and good news about enjoying the SB.

Animal Rescue

  • www.cmvhr.org
    Humane program in New York. If we don't have a horse for you, they just might.

  • www.canterusa.org
    The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses. This is a very well run organization dedicated to rescuing and adopting out ex-racing TBs.

Horses Helping People

  • www.eagala.org
    This association specializes in training people interested in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as a profession. A very powerful form of Hippotherapy.

  • www.deltasociety.org
    One of the best organizations for integrating companion animals with education and therapy. A wonderful way to learn, heal, and live.

Horse Care

  • www.vermonthorse.com
    This is an emerging site with lots of resource information for horse people in Vermont.

  • www.holistichorse.com
    A practitioner and product directory for friends of the holistic horse. Very kool place and stuff!

Training Techniques

  • www.parelli.com
    Parelli natural horsemanship resources, clinic dates, the works. Several adopters have learned the Parelli methods and like the results they are getting with their adopted SB.

  • www.theclickercenter.com
    Clicker training for horses by Alexandra Kurland is a fun and effective way to help our horses master all of the stuff we ask them to do. It's easy to learn and especially good for horses who tend to be aloof with people. This is how police and trick horses are trained.

  • www.lindatellingtonjones.com
    Here at HOURSE, we use more TTouch and TTeam training methods than any other program in our re-training system. It is fun and feels good for the provider as well as the horse. And it's not just for horses! All living things benefit from these amazing techniques.

  • www.chrisirwin.com
    Some good articles from this superb Canadian trainer. His book, Horses Don't Lie, is very good as well.

  • www.tomdorrance.com
    A wonderfully simple site with the commandments of good and real horsemanship. This man is the master of them all. Worth a visit. His video "Greetings" is a gem; his book True Unity is full of his earthly wisdom in the way of the horse.

  • www.rayhunt.com
    Akin to Tom Dorrance, this site is full of wisdom and great photography about horses. "I'm here for the horse, to get him a better deal." RH

"He arrived as equus some two million years ago, as splendid an animal as the ages were to produce."
              James A. Mitchner

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