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Assisting horses in need, retraining them, and then finding adoptive
homes takes a lot of resources. You can help in many ways.
No gift is too small.

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  • $5   buys two bales of hay
  • $10  buys one dose of dewormer
  • $20  buys a hoof trim for one horse
  • $25  feeds and beds a horse for one week
  • $50  buys 300lbs of grain
  • $100  buys a month of bedding for six box stalls
  • $100 buys necessary coggins test, vaccinations and dental care for a horse “going home”
  • $500 buys 3.5 tons of high quality hay

Stall Sponsor

$100 will sponsor one horse in a stall for one month. Your name (or the name of a person you would like to honor) will be placed with "Whinnies and Nickers of Appreciation" in the stall placard for a month.

Hay Sponsors

  • $200 will sponsor 1.5 tons of hay, delivered
  • $500 will sponsor 3.5 tons of hay, delivered
  • $1000 will sponsor 7 tons (one load) of hay, delivered

Event Sponsors

Our special events here at Infinity Farm can always use help, either financial or volunteer. You can also help send our volunteers and information booth to public forums like Equine Affaire and Everything Equine. Please join our list of "Eventers" so we can call you to confirm your commitment.


It only takes a moment to have the thought and direct your attorney to include HOURSE in your final wishes. In this way you can ensure that your desire to help us assist horses in need will be honored. Your gift will aid the continued efforts of HOURSE to rescue and adopt out horses as well as promote humane and responsible horsemanship in your memory.

I'm A Rorty came to us with a fractured coffin bone.
They said she was a nice broodmare
but would never work again.

After 5 months of stall rest and homeopathic treatment,
she was adopted by a family who taught her to fly.
...Amazing things sometimes happen...

Pretty Boy with a devoted friend

"There is something about the outside of a horse
that is good for the inside of a man."
Winston Churchill

Crisis Response

     On occasion, we are requested to assist a horse who is in a crisis situation. This means the horse’s immediate well being is at risk. This may be due to neglectful conditions, loss or accident to owner or stabling, or legal circumstances, any of which can be harmful or fatal to the horse. If we have the resources to assist this horse in crisis, we will respond on behalf of the horse. As we are not specifically founded and resourced to accommodate desperate horses we are building a network of Crisis Volunteers. These are people who can help in various ways at this critical time. Here’s how you can help...

A Note About Our Crisis Response:

     This is not to be confused with the investigative work of alleged abuse or neglect of horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, etc. It is beyond our resources to address this need specifically. If you suspect a horse is at risk of criminal neglect or abuse; that is, the owner is in violation of the state, county, or municipal laws governing horse keeping, the best place to make your complaint is the State Veterinary Office of your State Department of Agriculture. The phone number will be listed in the white pages under the State agency listings for your state. In Vermont, our state vet office is equipped with trained investigators and the legal resources necessary to take action on such complaints. Phone the Department of Agriculture at (802) 828 2421 and ask for Animal Health or see the complaint form at the Vermont Secretary of State.

     Further, we can not act as a refuge or sanctuary for aged and ailing equids as this is a small facility chartered and resourced to retrain and adopt out healthy horses.

Crisis Sponsor

     Our goal is to have a credible list of patrons whom we can call on to donate short notice funds for emergency vetting, farrier care, extra or special feed rations, medications and medical supplies necessary to re-build a horse rescued from crisis.

Crisis Team

  • Emergency Transportation
    People with well maintained truck and trailer for emergency transportation.
  • Emergency Stabling
    Horsemen who have an extra stall or two with extra hay and paddock space for the temporary stabling of a rescued horse.
  • Immediate Care
    Volunteers who can be available for an hour or two in those early critical moments to provide care and support for a horse struggling to survive. No experience is necessary here, we will train you in vital signs, anti-shock protocols and basic medical care for a neglected horse.

"Under the last golden rays grazed the Sun's horses.
Instead of grass they ate ambrosia;
Browsing quietly while resting tired legs,
In readiness to stampede the skies of dawn."

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