Jenn Schwartz, Farrier

Here is a photo of our new apprentice farrier, Jenn Schwartz. She and a helper are supporting Cam's right front hoof on a 50# salt block, an innovative technique for stablizing her work.

Jenn is studying to become a Natural Balance farrier and is showing quite a talent for it. Cam's movement and balance has improved significantly since this balanced trim and that is no small matter. His knee bears the damage of 16 micro fractures that resulted in a malformed joint. It is wonderful to see him move with much greater ease now. Cam is very patient, mellow and kind, making him a favorite for differently-abled horse huggers to care for.

Jenn will be apprenticing with us through this year, and then she may move on, depending upon the scope of her practice.

Providing apprentice opportunities to equine professionals is a win-win arrangement for HOURSE in VT. The horses get the benefit of fabulous people learning current best practices in their professions, we save a lot of money, and the apprentice gets some unique experience with the variety of our horses while they develop their skills in a forgiving environment.

Thanks, Jenn, for your commitment and generosity in caring for these awesome brown horses. © H.O.U.R.S.E. Inc.
All rights reserved.